Restaurants around Langley are finding a way to stay open thanks to local realtors.

While a number of Washington restaurants have been forced to shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic, local Whidbey Island favorites like the Braeburn, Saltwater, Ultra House, South Whidbey Commons, and Prima Bristro have been able to keep their customers quite literally ‘covered’ thanks to a “We’ve Got You Covered” initiative by the Whidbey Island Association of Realtors.

While indoor dining remains off-limits, the campaign has kept local businesses afloat after tents were erected outside to protect dining patrons during the Fall and Winter months. The tents, which follow the Governor’s guidelines, allow businesses to remain open, while providing a substantially larger “outdoor dining” space.

The initiative comes after Mayor Tim Callison announced the city had already exhausted CARES funds in a city council meeting this past Fall.

Footing the bill to rent the tents would have come at a debilitating price tag for many of the restaurants already struggling, which is why local businesswoman and realtor Rachel Jeppeson, suggested outsourcing the cost.

Jeppeson, who owns Wish by the Sea in downtown Langley, is also a board member for the Whidbey Island Association of Realtors. Less than twenty-four hours after she took the idea to local agents, the association agreed to sponsor the tent initiative.

The tents will remain around downtown Langley until indoor dining restrictions are lifted.

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