Melene on the Scene: Country Cottage of Langley

Whidbey Island is full of amazing places, spaces, incredible sights, and of course, unforgettable memories. Join real estate agent and broker, Melene Thompson, as she takes us "on the scene" around her neighborhood; introducing you to some of her favorite shops, restaurants, business owners and places to stay around Whidbey Island.

In this episode, Melene explores one of her favorite inns on Whidbey, a Country Cottage of Langley.

Tom and Jacki Felvey have owned and operated Country Cottage of Langley for nearly 20 years. Over the past two decades they estimate serving nearly 20,000 guests. The husband and wife duo estimate they see about 1,000 guests a year, many of whom are repeat customers.

"The first thing they say is they’re coming back for the breakfast. They love the breakfast. They love the fact that we deliver it. The variety of things that we serve."

"They just keep coming back. We have guests that come back every month just because this is the place they want to be," said co-owner Tom Felvey. "The first thing they say is they’re coming back for the breakfast. They love the breakfast. They love the fact that we deliver it. The variety of things that we serve. Jacki puts all of her recipes on her website and she wins all the blue ribbons. I win all the red ribbons," he joked in an interview with the Melene Thompson Whidbey Island Realty Team.

Visiting Langley? Here's what makes Country Cottage stand out:

"We’re above the village, so a lot of our cottages have clear shots of the village and the water, and the mountains. You can actually see Mount Baker from here. The attraction really is that we’re convenient, all of the restaurants and shops are a five minute walk. The beach and the marina are another couple of minutes. We actually pick up guests that come in by boat," said Tom Felvey. "We’re literally the only bed and breakfast in Langley. There are quite a few other Airbnb's and a couple hotels, but we’re unique in that we have private cottages. Which during COVID was a huge benefit, because everyone had private access, private entry, everything was quite secure and comfortable."

Take a Tour of the Garden & Cottages:

Jacki Felvey has spent most of her career in the hospitality industry. " I was in the hotel business 25 years before I did this. I was a hotel concierge, so I do enjoy meeting people and making sure they have a good time," she explained.

"We were looking for bed and breakfast’s all over the country and a friend said, ‘You really should go see Whidbey island,' Jacki Felvey described. "And we fell in love with it."

The Inn features six different cottages, each with their own unique theme.

Whidbey Rose, Cabernet Cottage and Captain's Cove each feature jacuzzi tubs. Several of their cottages even feature water views.

"They all range in size and price and they all have different sized beds and different kinds of accommodations. So we're able to take care of different family sizes, as well as children and one cottage even takes dogs," said Tom Felvey. "There’s lots of variety in sizes, colors, accommodations and bed sizes. The other two have queen beds and private patios as opposed to outside decks, which is unique—people tend to love that. But the ones with private patios are great too because they enjoy the privacy of a patio."

Ready to experience the cottages for yourself? Check availability here!


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